125 York Blvd, Richmond Hill | 905-738-6876

Our Mission

To exceed our guest’s expectations for quality, value and hospitality. We strive to take the utmost care in providing a comfortable and well-maintained venue for our guests, staff, and our community.

Our Vision

Touro’s future is only as bright as it’s employees desire to grow and to have a Touro Churrascaria in every major city across the country, becoming Canada’s only, “True Brazilian Steakhouse.”

Our Story

Churrasco (chuh-ras-koh) has been a Brazilian cooking tradition for more than three centuries, originating in the Pampa Region located in the south of Brazil. At Touro, we strive to keep this tradition alive by cooking the finest meat on metal skewers turned slowly over an open flame. This technique preserves the unique taste and natural juices of authentic Brazilian barbeque, cooked entirely to your liking.

As part of our continued effort to be considered a “True Brazilian Steakhouse,” Touro has brought a select group of skilled Gauchos from Brazil to maintain the authenticity and quality of our offering. Our Gauchos prepare the meat on display for all to see so as to truly experience the Brazilian culinary excellence and hospitality.


Touro is a proud member of the Richmond Hill community, and also happy to be a member of the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce.

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